Skip Hire and Waste Management

Recycling your waste responsibly

Skip Hire

Here at Brianplant we provide a variety of skips to suit your requirements:

* We cater for both domestic (general public) and commercial customers (business’, building sites etc.)
* Our skip sizes range from a...  mini skip (2 cubic yard) capable of holding approximately 25 black bin bags) up to an XXL builders skip (16 cubic yard) capable of holding approximately 150 black bin bags.
* Our 12 yard and 16 yard chain lift skips have to be placed on private land as they are too large to be placed on the road.
* Some of our skips have doors for ease of access.

* Enclosed skips are also available (ideal for if your skip is going to be left unattended for a period of time) 
* Ro-Ro bins (roll on, roll off) are also available - these range from 16 cubic yard to 40 cubic yard. These are predominantly used by our commercial customers and cannot be placed on the road.
* We are the only local skip hire company that allow you to keep any size skip for up to 2 weeks, we will also arrange any permits that may be required (some permits may incur an additional cost)* Skips are currently supplied to the below area, however please call 01472 341499 or 01472 241342 option 1 to discuss your requirements.

* You can also organise your skip collection via our website, simply visit our contact us page and click on the skip collection form. This will then be sent through to our dedicated waste team and we will get your skip collected as soon as possible. 

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For more information regarding your skip hire please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Recycling your waste

Here at Brianplant we are committed to reducing waste to landfill. It is this dedication to the environment which enabled us to recycle over 99% of all waste which entered our Waste Transfer Station last year! With this in mind you can be assured that your waste requirements are taken care of in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.
We have various pieces of machinery on site to enable us to recycle your waste. 
Brianplants’ green approach to waste management not only contributes to tackling some of the most challenging environmental issues facing the world today, but critically reduces landfill tax costs and enables us to meet your skip hire needs for the lowest possible prices!

Hazardous Materials

Subject to testing our dedicated and experienced team will be happy to assist you with your hazardous or contaminated waste disposal. We will conduct and complete all relevant paperwork to ensure you are disposing of your waste safely, responsibly and that you fully comply with the statutory requirements.
Some contaminated or hazardous waste materials can be disposed of in one of our steel bodied tippers which will be taken to a registered disposal site. We will ask you if you have conducted a WAC analysis before any material can be taken off site, this is to ensure that we are disposing of the material in a safe, correct and environmentally friendly manner. To enquire about disposing of contaminated soils or waste in a tipper lorry please call and press option 2.
If you are hiring one of our skips you can place most waste types within the skip with the exception of; asbestos, tyres, gas bottles, fridges, freezers, paint or oil. These items are classed as hazardous waste, we can however assist you with disposal of these waste materials, please contact us and press option 1 for more information. We also ask that you do not place food waste within the skips.