How much will it cost to hire a skip?

The price of hiring a skip is dependent 3 main factors, these include:

  • The size of skip you require

  • The delivery location

  • Whether the skip is being placed on a public highway/verge or private land

Please give us a call for your skip prices on 01472 341499 or 01472 241342 option 1

How can I pay for the skip?

Skips can be paid for in one of two ways:

Cash – You may come to the Waste Transfer Station and pay cash to a member of our team before delivery, or you can pay cash to the driver upon delivery of the skip.
Card –We can accept payment via most major credit or debit cards over the telephone, alternatively you can call in and pay us in person.
We ask that, unless you are paying cash to the driver, payment is made before we make the delivery.

What size skips do you supply?

We can provide the following size skips for both domestic and commercial hire:
Mini Skip --- 2 cubic yard
Our mini skips can hold approximately 25 black bin bags 

Skip Sizes 2

Midi Skip --- 4 cubic yard (available with a door)
Our midi skips can hold approximately 35 black bin bags

Skip Sizes 4

Small builders Skip --- 6 cubic yard (available with a door)
Our small builders skips can hold approximately 55 black bin bags

Skip Sizes 6

Large Builders Skip --- 8 cubic yard (available with a door or enclosed)
Our large builders skips can hold approximately 75 black bin bags

Skip Sizes 8

Extra Large Builders Skip --- 12 cubic yard (available enclosed)
Our extra-large builders skips can hold approximately 100 black bin bags – these cannot be placed on the public highway.

Skip Sizes 12

For commercial purposes we can also offer Ro Ro bins – these are unable to go on the public highway:

  • 16 cubic yard

  • 20 cubic yard

  • 40 cubic yard

Our Ro-Ro’s are delivered using our dedicated Hook Loader with multi-lift gear ensuring quick and efficient placement of your bin.

How long can I keep the skip for? How do I get my skip collected?

Skips are hired for a period of up to 14 days.

If you would like to keep the skip for over 14 days please contact our team and we will do our best to accommodate you (in some situations a weekly hire charge may be applied). We rely on you to advise us when you are finished with the skip, the easiest way to do this is to complete our skip collection form or call the office on 01472 341499 or 01472 241342 option 1, once we hear from you, we will come and collect the skip as soon as possible. Upon request, we are also able to provide a "wait 'n' load" service or a same day collection service.

We would like to remind you that all skips must be level filled only. Any skips which are overloaded and deemed as unsafe to transport will not be taken away until they are made safe, this is for the safety of both our drivers, and the public.

What can I put in my skip?

We will accept most waste types in your skip with the exception of; asbestos, tyres, gas bottles, fridges, freezers, paint or oil. These items are classed as hazardous waste, we can assist you with disposal of these items, please contact us on 01472 341499 or 01472 241342 option 1 for more information.

Do you deliver skips to where I live?

Please see the map below, this shows the area that we currently deliver our skips to. If you cannot see your village mentioned on the map but can see places nearby we may still deliver to you. Please feel free to call us on 01472 341499 or 01472 241342 option 1 to double check.

delivery map

Where can I put the skip?

If you would like your skip positioning in a certain location, our experienced and skilled drivers do their best to accommodate you. If you are unsure of the best position they are on hand and more than willing to advise you where the skip may be safely and conveniently placed. We always endeavour to meet individual requirements, however we ask you to bear in mind the following considerations:

  • Any skips that are positioned on the public highway (road) or verge require a licence. As part of our service to you, Brianplant will ensure a licence is applied for from the relevant council authority. In order to ensure safety for you and those around you, we will also provide lights & cones to ensure maximum visibility.

  • Our skip lorries require a minimum width of 10ft for access, so please keep this in mind if you are wanting a skip on your driveway or down a tight alley.

  • Please also be mindful of any overhead obstructions including trees, telephone cables etc which may inhibit your delivery.

I’m hiring a skip but I will also need topsoil or some stone, can you deliver this at the same time?

As an extra service Brianplant can also offer delivery of small tonnages of materials such as topsoil and aggregates within a skip. Quantities of up to 8 tonnes can be easily delivered inside the skip saving you both money and the hassle of sourcing materials elsewhere (plus if you are looking to keep the skip you do not need to pay a delivery charge!)

Do you have your own tipping facility?

Brianplant has its very own Waste Transfer Station in Grimsby that is able to accept all non-hazardous waste. If you do not require a skip, but have some waste to dispose of, you are welcome to bring this to our Waste Transfer Station; here we will weigh your waste over our dedicated weighbridge to ensure you’re only paying for what you are disposing of. If you are disposing of stone or hardcore you can also take this to our stone recycling facility which is on Estate Road 2 on the Pyewipe Industrial Estate (see crushing and screening for more information). For health and safety reasons we ask that all persons wear safety footwear and hi vis before coming onto our sites.

I’m looking to hire a grab lorry, how do these work?

Our Grab Lorries arrive on site and load themselves using a crane mounted clam shell bucket. They do have to pull alongside the material to be collected as the crane comes over the side of the lorry.

How far can the grab lorry reach to get the material?

Our grab lorries can reach between 3m & 5m to safely reach your waste.

How much can the grab lorries take away a time?

The amount of material our grab lorries can take away depends upon the size of the material and which size grab lorry you order. Six wheel grab lorries can take away up to 11.5 tonnes per visit, whereas an 8 wheel grab lorry can carry up to 16 tonnes, sometimes however, if the material is bulky, for example green waste, it may be that the body of the lorry reaches capacity before they reach their weight.

How much is it for a grab lorry to take away my waste?

The grab lorries are always priced based on a full load (this may be a full load in weight or capacity depending on which is first) and depends upon the material they are taking away. Our pricing structure is broken down into 4 main areas:

  • Recyclable loads i.e. any hardcore/stone/bricks/ceramic tiles etc,

  • Spoil loads i.e. soil, stone or clay mixed

  • Builders Waste or Rammel

  • Garden Waste

Give us a call on 01472 341499 or 01472 241342 option 2 to find our latest prices.

How can I pay for my delivery?

Payments can be made by:

  • Card over the telephone

  • Cash either paid in the office or to the driver upon delivery

  • Bank Transfer

Unless you are paying cash to the driver, we require payments to be received before delivery.

Will the lorry fit on my drive?

We ask for a minimum of 10ft clearance for access, we may require someone to be on site to guide the driver in if it is especially tight. Please bear in mind that our lorries can be exceptionally heavy whilst loaded, if you want the lorry to tip on your drive we cannot be responsible for any damage caused.

How much can you deliver at once?

Our lorries, when full, can carry 11.5 tonnes, 16 tonnes, 20 tonnes or 27 tonnes. We can deliver smaller tonnages however any delivery less than 10T will incur an additional delivery charge.

Do you deliver hardcore or topsoil in bags?

At the moment we do not offer bagged deliveries. All of our products are delivered loose in our tipper lorries.