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Well…. what can we say!

The Brianplant team were proud to take part in what is well renowned locally as being one of the most, if not THE MOST fun races in the running calendar-The Caistor Sting in the Tail 10k 2019.  

Those that know Caistor will know that is is FAR from flat. And after a relatively flat first 8 kilometres, the STING comes in the form a final gruelling 2 kilometres of relentless hills which are more suited to a mountain goat than a human! 

But it is the phenomenal support at the heart of this race which is what inspired and encouraged every runner up all up those hills and what makes this race so unique and special. 

The Caistor community come out in full force- the route is lined with residents out in their gardens cheering and playing music, and the market place is alive with buzzing activity creating an electric carnival atmosphere like no other race.

 This positive community spirit supports every single runner from the first to the last to cross the line, and Brianplant were once again very happy to support this special race in 2019.  

Brianplant brought it’s 8 wheel grab lorry and excavator to create a unique arch in the market place which the runners ran through. Many races have an inflatable arch but there’s not many with an arch like this one!

Clive, Dean and Sophie were very happy with their times and even more delighted to receive a well earnt beer and a sausage bun at the end.

Roll on next year!!

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