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The Three Kubotaeers

Posted by Isobel Salsbury on 02nd December 2019 in Blogging | Kubota,9T Excavator,Excavator,Machinery,Digger,Plant Hire,Experienced Operators,Local hire

Due to the increasing popularity of our 9T excavators we've added a third Kubota KX080 to our fleet, hence the creation of... The Three Kubotaeers ... All for Brianplant and Brianplant for all! Delivering the same top quality Machinery, always with experienced qualified operators, designed to give you peace of mind with your hire.   ...

Latest Addition

Posted by Isobel Salsbury on 20th November 2019 in Blogging |

The latest addition to the Brianplant Fleet a new CAT 950 GC loading shovel. We always believe in revamping and replacing our Machinery on a regular basis to ensure our operations run as smoothly, and as safely as possible. With this in mind we bid a fond farewell to our existing loading shovel and welcome this beauty at our Limestone Quarry site in Kirton-in-Lindsey. ...